API Extra Security Layer for Mobile Use with Package Restriction using Laravel

Since i developed both backend and mobile application, there is something i need to protect my API. So, i came out an idea where i need to restrict access from public by app package information. I have been this using for awhile now.

Yes i know, it is not secure enough — no system is safe by the way. Purpose of security layer is to block and slowing down the attackers movement.

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credit: www.securitymagazine.com

So, Let’s get started

Create a simple table called

php artisan make:model AppVersion -m

Then, write a simple migration file. Any extra are welcome to add.

Schema::create('app_versions', function (Blueprint $table) {
$table->string('update_type'); // 1 - Major 2 - Minor

Setup AppVersion Model

class AppVersion extends Model
protected $fillable = [

public function isMajor()
return $this->update_type == 2;

public function isMinor()
return $this->update_type == 1;

If you like to have your own control, just add this module in your CMS. For example like i do just below

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Then, create a Middleware where to validate HTTP header request. We gonna put any mobile app information in HTTP header.

Let’s say i called

class ApplicationPackageMiddleware {}

Define 2 constant for HTTP header.

  1. Package name or Bundle ID
  2. Current App Version
const PACKAGE_NAME    = 'X-Package-Name';
const PACKAGE_VERSION = 'X-Package-Version';

Now, create a condition to validate request from sender. For this tutorial, i use base64. Why use base64? it’s the easy way to show how its work. Please use or any desire method.

On mobile side, please obscure any sensitive string to avoid readability of code after decompile

$app_package = base64_decode($request->header(self::PACKAGE_NAME));
$app_version = base64_decode(self::PACKAGE_VERSION));
$app = AppVersion::query()->where("app_package_name", $app_package)->first();if (!$app) {
throw new \RuntimeException('Application Invalid Access');

You must notice that i’m not include into query. It is because i want to use it to validate the version — is it minor or major update. So that i can prompt the user to use latest version.

The condition is where

  1. Server have 1.2.0 but sender sent 1.1.9. Middleware will reject it if there is major update condition. Middleware will allow if only minor update is set.
  2. Server have 1.2.0 but sender sent 1.2.1. Middleware will reject whether its major update or not
$flag = version_compare($app->app_version, $app_version);if ($flag < 0 && $app->isMajor()) {
throw new \RuntimeException("Please update your application version in order to use this API");
if ($flag > 0) {
throw new \RuntimeException("App version is not allowed");

Note that, is included in php

Finally, the Middleware would be like below

That’s it. Hope its help 😁

Thanks for your time.

I’m an Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of working on Full-stack with Android, Vue and Laravel Framework

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