Motivation Week: Set Yourself Up for Proper Food Eating

How you eat to your overall health, especially in the long term is one of the most important things you can do to protect your health. If you tend to swallow foods or if eating is overall something you struggle with, try there suggestions to improve your experience and benefit you body well.

Put away all devices, turn off the TV and enjoy the food. You can turn on a music if you don’t like eating in silence. Don’t rush in eating. Feel your food and smell, notice the colors and shapes. Study stated that, chewing through your food too quickly can lead to putting on weight and even trigger problems with your heart, so you may want to take more time over your next meal.

Pay attention to your abdominal muscles and possibly scan them. Perhaps you will notice that they are tensed. In our society where looks matter so much, we may get used to sucking in the stomach or keep some muscles overly tense which harm the work of our internal organs, especially our digestive system. It’s also important to remember its connected to emotions, so having feelings of stress and anxiety when we eat is tied to digestive malfunction.

Breathe in and out fully and slowly. Try to relax stomach muscles, let go of the tension. Feel like you tummy comes forward and your internal organs get more spaces. If you rush, tend to breathe become harder and lead to stress your digestive system.

Imagine how the food is moving through your body. From your mouth, gets into your stomach and into intestines. Think how the secretion of gastric juice happens, the food mixing and how the food splits in your body. You can’t consume something you can’t consume. Each one of human have different how digestive system consume. So, know your food before your eat.

Stress are not the only triggers for emotional eating. Its also trigger include changes of habit, fatigue and social influences. When stress comes, you started to consume foods especially when you are not hungry.

If you feel stressed before eating, notice it beforehand. Simply noticing it might be enough to let go off some stress. Notice which part of the body is affected the most by your stress — it might be a clenched jaw or tensed shoulders.

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